Visual storytelling is at the heart of what we do.  We work diligently to develop and produce films with impact.  Being able to present content for a variety of screen sizes, ratios & devices can be vital for some content & brands.  For this reason, we invested in 8k capture options allowing us to film vertical & horizontal content with a hybrid approach.  We have a Sony VENICE 2 8k for high-end productions and smaller 8k cameras to meet budget-conscious needs.
TriVaGo x Nasdaq
2016 Filmed in USA
Storyteller Series Teaser for SalliaSnap Episode
2017 Filmed in New York
Introducing Intellify
Italian New York
2023/2024 Teaser Trailer for original series (30 min episodes) filmed in New York
Him for Her
2022 Filmed in New York
Equinix + Nasdaq Mini-Documentary
2018 Filmed in New York and New Jersey
Nasdaq PHLX Anniversary
2017 Filmed in Philadelphia
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