Decades of experience capturing IPOs, switches, bell ceremonies and corporate milestones - we understand the process and immediacy needed to maximize content value.  You may have an in-house video person but filming a bell & IPO is highly specialized - our production team has the experience to do it expertly.
A bell ceremony or IPO day presents a unique set of marketing opportunities when a company's leadership & employees are gathered together in celebration while the eyes of the business world are watching.  
Our popular bell ceremony, IPO day or public milestone services:
• Multi-camera video production with optional same-day / next-day rush editing of a broadcast-quality 30 - 60 second commercial spot
• Interview of CEO, Founder and/or bell ringer
• Specialized production techniques to best capture digital signage
 • Marketing event photography coverage from pre-market to first trade - with same day rushes
• Official individual portraits of executive leadership team - ideal for when the team is rarely all together physically for consistent photo styles for web, print & head shot releases
• Option to create a testimonial / soundbite station at your event (popular when the bell ringing company invites their clients or guests they seek to highlight in future marketing)​​​​​​​
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