Our team has been involved in video streaming since 2006!  We have streamed on-location, multi-camera productions to millions of viewers from the biggest conferences & events around the US & UK to all the major platforms. 
We bring this expertise to produce and run your remote or hybrid virtual events.
Zzz-oomed out?  The key to elevating a video call, from a meeting to a virtual event, is interactivity.  We work with clients to produce engaging interactive elements, such as:
- Wine tasting class (with the option to ship a wine tasting set to guests) conducted by a master sommelier via our partnership with Sofia Wine Bar (see video above).
- Spirit & liquor tasting (with the option to ship a tasting set to guests) hosted by a spirits expert
- A cocktail + non-alcoholic mocktail making class (with the option to ship mixing sets to guests) taught by a mixologist
- Games & trivia
- Entertainment: Stand-up comedian, DJ, Emcee, Custom videos
- Group photos
- After-party meet-ups
- Party-in-a-box: We can coordinate sending swag, party snacks, hats & more to each guest
We also can fully produce hybrid event productions to stream on-location with small groups to a large audience using the preferred platform of choice.  We can host a custom web page with registration.

Contact us to discuss your needs.
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